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The Best Christmas songs you will hear in 2023

Xmas Number one 2023

The Best Christmas songs you will hear in 2023

Christmas Number One 2023
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This Year's Tip for Number One 2023 is #Karma & Christmas With You 

How to listen to my new Christmas single on social media and share with your family and friends below



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This Year's Tip for Christmas Number one 2023 Is Christmas With You by #Karma 

Christmas Hit 2023
Christmas Crackers by #Karma
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Tip for Christmas Number One 2023

We simply can't have another silly sausage roll song as a Christmas number one!!

Maybe the first year it was funny a bit

but now it's just a bad joke.

We need a real Christmas song about christmas

that we can all sing with our families for years to come

so please share this website and #Karma music

on Spotify and all other music sites.

Thanks so much for your support.

Christms Number One 2023
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